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The Passionate Path

Sacred Teachings for the Soul 

Are you living your soul's path?
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Spiritual Path

This is a reading of your soul’s journey. It provides direction, clarifying your path to become “unstuck” in places of indecision, and uncertainty of how to move forward.

 Mediumship reading is intended to connect individuals with loved ones that have passed. 

For individuals who want to develop their spiritual gifts with mediumship, psychic, or empathic development.

Get to Know Marlene

Hi. I’m Marlene Stovall, an Evidential Psychic Medium.

Don’t let the words frighten you. It’s just a formal way of saying that I have the ability to connect you with your Passed Loved Ones and give you Psychic Readings for healing. 

I grew up in Tampa, Florida with my parents, grandmother, and two older brothers. Often times as a child, I was told I was very sensitive because... [Read more]

With Mavis Pittilla, 
Spiritual Medium and Tutor 

What people have said...

Temple Hayes,
CEO of First Unity Spiritual Campus 
St. Petersburg, FL
Temple Hayes Testimony
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"Marlene provided great guidance and clarity when I really needed it."

-Ann Smith, FL

Dr. Lauren Puma, 

PhD & Transformational Life Coach

"I feel very grateful to have received an Akashic Records reading from Marlene. The session provided me with clarity and insight to navigate forward with ease and grace on my spiritual life journey. The information Marlene channeled from her guides was on point and very healing. I recommend her guidance and reading to all who are interested in advancing and thriving on their spiritual journey. Thank you, Marlene. You are so loved and appreciated." 

-Samatha Gray, Spiritual Healer 

Marlene background 2.jpg

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