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A Mediumship reading can be a great source of healing. It is intended to connect individuals with loved ones that have passed. This communication is proof of life after death, and the miracle of understanding our spirit never dies. It is in the evidence provided from the spirit world, through the medium, communicating memories, feelings, personality and essence of the person in spirit, that you can feel the presence of your loved ones are there with you. 


While it is good to know every medium is also psychic, not all psychics are mediums. As a medium, I may use some intuitive (psychic) abilities; however, it is in increasing my own vibration in order to communicate with spirits. 


It is best not to provide me with any information prior to your reading. The spirit world responds best to love and joyful emotions which makes it easier to draw them near.


I ask, while we sit for the reading, you think positive thoughts and intentions to that loved one as it also raises the vibration between us to give the best possible experience for the miracle to take place. I am not able to control who visits from the spirit world, or how long their presence will be available. Keep in mind, the spirit world is aware of your love and intention to connect with them.

Price: $155 1- Hour
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