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Get to Know Marlene

Hi. I’m Marlene Stovall, a Evidential Medium and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Evidential is a formal way of saying that I have the ability to connect you with your loved ones that have passed away and give you Akashi Record readings for healing. How did I know I was a medium? It started with a few clues…

At a young age, I was able to feel other people’s emotions. Sometimes to the point, I could not stop thinking or having a strong feeling about a particular person.

Over the years I noticed I had been able to feel when my family members died. When I was seventeen my grandmother passed away, I could still feel her following me around in the house for three days!


Upon my mother’s unexpected death, I felt she had already died before my husband told me about the phone call he had received alerting us of her passing. At this time in my life, we lived across the state from my mom and I had not been in touch with anyone who would have alerted me to her imminent illness and subsequent death.

As I got older, I seemed to be a natural counselor with the ability to really understand what was going on with a person on an emotional level without them telling me. Wanting to help others, I obtained my Master's degree in Social Work. Throughout my twenty-five years as a therapist, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people move past life struggles, including working for Hospice. Over time I began to have clients tell me I seemed to know the information they had not told me.

In 2012, I had two major losses in my life within thirty days of each other. That’s when I started noticing additional unexplainable happenings. Over the next several years, as I explored this new path, I discovered I could actually communicate with people who have passed away. I sought after the best teachers to learn this skill only to find out what I had was a genetic link on both sides of my family.

Now, I am known as a professional medium, and I connect with the spirit world. I use my empathic and clairsentient communication to provide reassurance of a loved ones' presence while providing messages to offer comfort, encouragement, and hope.

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